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From an Idea to the World Champion...

  • Wheelball club Vojvodina


    The Idea was born...

    During the meeting of two businessmen Marko Tomčić from “Galit“ company and Dragan Panjković from „Luka Novi Sad“ and after establishing technical details, they switched to easier everyday topics when Mr Tomčić told a story about a new sport that became popular in Vladičin Han and suggested Panjković to ask the creators of the first Serbian sport ‒ Mr Predrag Jović called Joe and Mr Vladan Vučković called Vlaja ‒ to pay him a visit.

  • Wheelball club Vojvodina


    The Crucial Meeting...

    At the beginning of 2014 the four of them met and Wheelball started its life in Novi Sad. This crucial meeting of the four men and the idea to promote wheelball led to the foundation of Vojvodina Wheelball Club in a totally spontaneous and unexpected way.

  • Wheelball club Vojvodina

    The end of 2014

    The club started its life...

    In 2014, Vojvodina Wheelball Club was registered and it started promoting and propagating the new and only one registered Serbian sport. However, professional commitments of its founders and slight wonderings of people from Wheelball Association of Serbia led to stagnation.

  • Wheelball club Vojvodina


    The Team was formed...

    Тhe newly formed team of Vojvodina Wheelball Club announced its visit to a non-competitive match in Vladičin Han. However, Vladan Vučković refused this chance and informed Dragan Panjković that the team would play in the tournament, which turned out to be very wise and useful.

  • Wheelball club Vojvodina

    June, 2017

    World Champions in Wheelball...

    After a difficult and quite exhausting match, team captain Panjković Dragan received the winning cup. The team had the best goalkeeper Lenja Igor, the best wheelballer Erak Mirko and the best striker Kajtez Nemanja.

The big success that came almost unexpectedly captured the attention of some media and so the team captain was a guest of Siniša Stanković
in the morning programme of Radio Novi Sad, where in a cheerful conversation, he announced a FRIENDLY WHEELBALL MATCH that was
going to be played at the stadium in Bački Petrovac at the beginning of September, 2017. The president of the municipality
of Bački Petrovac Mr Srđan Simić supported this manifestation and a promotion where the authors of this sport
would present rules and other details of wheelball to representatives of Vojvodinian football clubs
and sport associations was agreed to be done on Friday, the 15th of September
in the Municipality hall in Bački Petrovac. The very match between
the world champion “Vojvodina“ and “Južna pruga“ was agreed
to be played on the 16th of September at 4 p.m.

Meet the WheelBall

The world needs a new sport... New rules, news skills, new challenges... Similar enough and different enough...
The world needs WHEELBALL...

What is WhellBall?

What distinguishes wheelball from other team sports at first sight is the shape of the field. It is a regular circle with grass surface, with a 60‒meter diameter, thus a perfect geometrical shape not typical of well-known team sports. Such shape and dimensions of the field require considerably smaller financial investments in stadium construction and field maintenance compared to football, which is hugely important for a sport that should develop further, and thus the field size varies so that games can be played on the existing football pitches where the diameter of wheelball field is the maximum width of the existing football pitch. The perfect geometrical shape of the field...

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Such scoring provides frequent changes of the result, more suspense and excitement for audience as well as for players themselves because power relations during the game change from 6:6 to 6:5 and 6:4,which poses big challenges and temptations to coaches and players. This number of players 6+1 goalkeeper, and the same number of benchwarmers, is the optimum number for pitches of that size. Such number of players provides enough coverage of the field and avoids “the crowd“ of players in the small space that disables development of the game. After “winning of bases”, the number diminishes further and there is much more space for attractive offensives and...

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Meet the Team 2018.

Meet our wheelballers, world champions!

Dragan Panjković vilbaler

Lenja Igor najbolji golman

Rupar Vladimir vilbaler

Bogdanov Željko vilbaler

Severinji Pavel vilbaler

Kanja Igor vilbaler

Kobilarov Nenad vilbaler

Milenković Aleksandar golgeter

Nakić Aleksandar vilbaler

Fabri Jaroslav vilbaler

Petković Saša vilbaler

Radin Nenad vilbaler

Jovovic Dragan vilbaler

Team 2017.

Dragan Panjković

PANJKOVIĆ (Milan) Dragan


Height: 192 cm
Weight: 114 kg

Lenja Igor, the best GoalKeeper

LENJA (Jaroslav) Igor


Height: 185 cm
Weight: 80 kg

Mišić dr Milan

MIŠIĆ (Dušan) dr Milan


Height: 173 cm
Weight: 104 kg

Ćirić Jovan

ĆIRIĆ (Jovan) Milan


Height: 187 cm
Weight: 110 kg

Tomašević Dejan

TOMAŠEVIĆ (Vukašin) Dejan


Height: 182 cm
Weight: 89 kg

Bogdanov Željko

BOGDANOV (Nedeljko) Željko


Height: 170 cm
Weight: 75 kg

Erak Mirko the best wheelballer

ERAK (Milan)


Height: 193 cm
Weight: 83 kg

Kajtez Nemanja, the best WhellBaller

KAJTEZ (Mile) Nemanja


Height: 178 cm
Weight: 72 kg

Fabri Jaroslav

FABRI (Jan) Jaroslav


Height: 175 cm
Height: 70 kg

Milenković Nenad

MILENKOVIĆ (Smilja) Nenad


Height: 179 cm
Weight: 90 kg

Rupar Vladimir

RUPAR (Milan) Vladimir


Height: 190 cm
Weight: 80 kg

Pujić Gojko

PUJIĆ (Jovan) Gojko


Height: 172 cm
Weight: 75 kg

Nakić Aleksandar

NAKIĆ (Miroslav) Aleksandar


Height: 178 cm
Weight: 127 kg

Semartonski Miroslav

SEMARTONSKI (Jan) Miroslav


Height: 172 cm
Weight: 72 kg

Kanja Igor

KANJA (Vlastimir) Igor


Height: 173 cm
Weight: 77 kg

Petković Aleksandar

PETKOVIĆ (Žarko) Аleksandar


Height: 180 cm
Weight: 93 kg

Klajn Igor

KLAJN (Аlbert) Igor


Height: 180 cm
Weight: 76 kg

Haška Stanislav

HAŠKA (Samuel) Stanislav


Height: 175 cm
Weight: 63 kg

Fabri Vladimir

Fabri (Vladimir) Vladimir


Height: 1980 cm
Weight: 75 kg

Honours 2018

dodela pehara

Receiving of the cup trophy

The Wheelball Cup, Vladičin Han 2018

najbolji golman

Thank-you note

To help developing the first Serbian team sport

najbolji vilbaler

Receiving of the cup trophy

The Wheelball Cup, Vladičin Han 2018

pehar za prvi srpski sport

Award for the best wheelballer

The Wheelball Cup, Vladičin Han 2018

Honours 2017

the best golgeter

Award for the best goal-getter

The Wheelball Cup, Vladičin Han

the best goalkeeper

Award for the best goalkeeper

The Wheelball Cup, Vladičin Han

the best wheelballer

Award for the best wheelballer

The Wheelball Cup, Vladičin Han

cup throphy

Receiving of the cup trophy

The Wheelball Cup, Vladičin Han

cup medals

World champions

The Wheelball Cup, Vladičin Han









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If you have any questions, suggestions or you want to help the development and promotion of the new Serbian sport, feel free to write to us…

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